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To register for volleyball 2020 summer league.    Preferred registration go to registration page.  BUT you can Text Craig at 440-487-2015

You can also call us at 440-205-0797 or email 

Payment for fees can be made at Deeker's via Check, Cash or Credit Card.


Sand Volleyball Leagues and Sand Volleyball Court Rentals

 If  you have your own league Level A, B, or C and want a place to run it, please call us to discuss  days/time options and court rental costs.  440-205-0797  

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 1. We use Rally scoring! 

2. MEMBERS: Teams shall consist of 6 players, 4 men (max) & 2 women (Min), on the court at all times. Substitutes can be made off your rosters sheets before game time and rotations can also be made during game but only on serve position or in the case of injury. Minimum for play to begin is 4 players with a minimum of one being female, (if opposing team allows). If only 1 woman is available to play the rule is that the team can play with 3 men and 1 woman. Coordinator will be the bartender on duty. If 5 players then the 2 girl minimum is required unless approved by opposing team.

3. FORFEITS: If opposing team does not show up for game time they will have a 5 minute grace period after game time was to begin, if they haven’t showed within the 5 minute grace period then that team will automatically forfeit that first game. The 2nd game is forfeited after 15 minutes and 3rd game after 30 minutes from the scheduled start time.


5. RAIN DELAYS: Rain delays will be called before start of all games during in-climate weather. Thunder and lightning situations games will be called off automatically and play will then resume at the score and sides of the court the teams were on when delayed. If teams do not show up games will be automatically forfeited to opposing team.

6. TIME LIMITS: Teams will have 1 hour to play their 3 games. If time expires and a winner has not been decided the team with the most points at the end will win that game.

7. POINTS: Each game is played to 21 pts with a 23 pt cap. One point is awarded per game won out of the 3 total played. As stated above, all game are rally scoring. Each team will switch sides after every game.

8. REFEREEING: Since there are no refs in this league, the teams during game time will be ref-ing themselves. If a dispute arises and there is no swift decision the point will be replayed.

9. ILLEGAL HITS: There will be ABSOLUTELY NO, open-underhand scooping, and lifts. However being sand rules a play can be made off of any body part as long as no double hit is made.

10. RECEIVING A SERVE: Players may not block or attack a serve. Any contact that is intended to go to the other side of the court is considered an attack, even if you don’t jump. 

11. TIME OUTS: Each team is allowed 1 time-out per set. No time outs will be allowed within 5 minutes of time limit.

12. BACK ROW ATTACK: Players from the back row are not allowed to attack the ball above the plane of the net if they are in front of where the 10 line would be. Ie: (if past halfway point on their side).

13. OVER THE NET: A blocker is not allowed to reach over the net to block a ball until the 3rd hit has been made by the other team. However, if the ball does go up and across the plane of the net than it is fair game for anyone to swing or block away.

14. Doubles on serves permitted.

15. Let serve rule in effect- the ball may come in contact with the net on the serve.

16. Team may substitute with other league members if spot needs to be filled on that night. If opposing team allows, and the League Coordinator is made aware prior to play.

17. If time expires and the next teams are ready to play you vacate court. You can agree to accept score as is or move to an open court if/when, so other teams can start on time.

18. Return all volleyballs to bartender. Do not hand them off to the next teams to play

19. Captains or their delegates are responsible for turning in scores for each game “on the day of” the game. If not turned in that day, both teams receive zero scores, unless both teams come in and agree on previous scores the following week.

20. If a team needs to reschedule a game, team captains are responsible for contacting each other and deciding on makeup day and time. Make up times must be scheduled with Deeker’s Coordinator.

21. GAME BALLS: Deeker’s will provide game balls if teams need them. If you bring your own game ball and want to use that as the game ball then the opposing team has to agree on using that ball.

22. Sportsmanship: Team members may be sanctioned or ejected from the game, as well as the bar, for any unsportsmanlike conduct shown towards teammates, opposing team members, or spectators. Please be polite we are all here to have fun.

23. Spectators: We request that all spectators (and their children) stay outside league play areas at all times.  Players and Spectators are responsible for watching their own children and family.  This is to prevent any injury to anyone, players included, here at Deeker’s Side Tracks. Thank You in advance for making it safe.

24. ABOVE ALL: DEEKERS SIDE TRACKS volleyball league is played for fun. Let’s all have fun, and make this a great season for everyone!

25. No pets are permitted within the facility at any time. We are sorry, but this is a health code violation and safety issue.

26.  No kids on the courts! Do NOT allow children to dig holes or bring in toys, rocks or other potentially harmful trip hazards to players. 

27. No outside food or beverage is to be brought into the facility. 

28. No food, drink or smoking is permitted on the courts. 

PLEASE help us keep courts clean and safe! Be polite and courteous to other players, our guests and our employees.

THANK YOU, We at Deeker’s are looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great season.

Rules are subject to revision! Most current dated revisions will be followed. Rev 8/4/2019

Sand Volleyball

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